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How to Fix “Cellular Network Not Available” Issue on Android

It’s a horrible situation when you’re trying to get an urgent phone call, and you face this “cellular network not available” issue on your Android phone. Many Android users have complained about this issue on forums and social media. Luckily, there are some handy fixes you can try on your own without having to meet an expert.

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Method 1 – Check if the Device is in Flight Mode

Flight mode is a setting available on smart phones and other portable devices that suspends all the wireless transmission functions of the device. So it will effectively disable all the voice, text and data services. You can quickly turn off the flight mode(airplane mode) by accessing the quick settings menu by swiping down the notification bar or going to phone settings.

Settings -> Network & internet -> Airplane mode

Method 2 – Check if the Device is in Roaming Mode

Roaming is the ability to use voice, text and data services outside the geographical coverage area of your mobile services provider. So make sure to turn off roaming mode on your device.

Settings -> Network & internet -> Mobile network -> Roaming

Method 3 – Select the Network Operator Automatically

Settings -> Network & internet -> Mobile network -> Automatically select network

Method 4 – Remove and Insert Battery and SIM Card

It’a reported that some Samsung users were able to fix this error by simply removing and insering the battery and SIM card. This method can solve your problem effectively is the error is related to the SIM card.

Turn off your device -> Remove battery -> Remove SIM card -> Wait 30 Seconds -> Insert battery and SIM card -> Turn on your device

Method 5 – Fix Radio Signals Broadcasting

Enter ##4636## on the keypad -> Select Phone information -> Click Run ping test -> Select GSM Auto -> Click Turn off the radio -> Restart your phone

Method 6 – Update Your Android Device

Settings -> About phone -> Update

Method 7 – Reset Network Settings

If you tried all the previous steps and the issue is still not fixed, the next method is doing a network reset.

Settings -> Backup and reset -> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

Method 8 – Do a Factory Reset

If the network error still persists we reccomend doing a factory data reset on your smart phone. Please note that performing a factory reset will remove all files and apps on your device. So make sure to take a backup.

Settings -> Backup and reset -> Factory data reset

Method 9 – Replace Your Battery

A damaged battery may be causing this issue on your device. Try to replace your battery on your phone. If your battery is not removable, take your device to an authorized repair shop to check if the battery is damaged.

We hope this article helped you tackle this cellular network issue on your device. If the problem persists, we recommend visiting an authorized repair shop to get professional help.